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Warehouse management and Onlineshop

Over two years of the development process we have created a user-friendly system that facilitates inventory management. It covers multiple processes, from stocktaking to shop management and selling. The system was designed for corporations, but it is also applicable to small and medium firms. It’s suitable to work with any products and any industry.

Mobile and Web application

The system consists of two applications: mobile and web. First mentioned is software for a warehouse worker who is responsible for stocktaking, describing products and packaging. The app can work offline and synchronise its local database with the server. For more convenient use application can use external devices such as scanner and barcode printer.
The web part of the system covers storage and shop management, product description administration and selling. Everything in the application is configurable. It is possible to define roles, attributes, shop type and warehouse structure.


Users of the application may be split into dynamically configurable roles. Each role has specified privileges; by this, it is possible to customise the system to your organisation structure.


Each product may be described by characteristics that are configurable in the system. It is possible to set up such parameters as applicability, data type and name. Thanks to that we can create filters for every attribute which makes browsing and searching products very convenient and user-friendly. This is applicable for both management and shop functionalities. What is more, we provide full-text search which makes the user experience even better.

Shop Type

There are two types of shop. The first one was designed in order to sell new goods that are described by attributes defined by its type. The second one is for selling used products where each of them has specific parameters.

Warehouse Structure

The user can define multiple warehouses and then construct the structure of sectors where items may be stored. Sectors arrangement has a tree structure so its suitable for every warehouse. Warehouse management is possible from the point of both: web and mobile application.


We would like to offer you, to use our application  Warehouse Management with Onlineshop for free. This means we forego licensing revenue. In addition, we offer you the migration of your data. You pay the cost of customizing the application to your needs.

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The system is very complex and besides of all mentioned, there is a lot of important features that can make your organization work better. If you are interested in such a solution for your company, please contact us for more information.

Translation Manager

As developers, we do not only focus on implementing the best IT solutions for our customers, but we also put an effort in providing support on every step of development. We equip our partners with tools that enable them to take part in the development process. Thanks to that they get the product they are satisfied with. One of the results of such an approach is software called Translation Manager.

Our solution for a common problem

By combining information and comments from our partners, we understood that they often face issues with delivering software for different users from the entire world. Managing translations for multiple languages, usually created by different people in a large application can be very troublesome. To solve this issue, we designed an application that enables adding and editing texts for any language. It also improves communication between developers, customer’s translators and copywriters. Translation Manager provides a segregated list of all terms that appear in the system, and it is possible for end user to change it in a way he requires. All changes are stored in a cloud, so every user has real-time access to other user’s work.


Feedback from our customers and increased interest in this system proved us that it enables our partners to improve the quality of their services. The Translation Manager became a standard tool for each of our partners.