Outsourcing offer

Why choose blue veery?

To support your business in the best way possible, we do not only offer to manage the complete communication in German, English and Polish but also manage the whole project cycle for you, if you wish. We can support you in the single steps of the complete project from finding the decision about the suitable product or technology, over the tendering procedure, till development, release and support and maintenance.

All employees are integrated with our corporate structure, and we cover all costs and risks of permanent employment ourselves. This means you don´t have to worry about entitlement to holidays, health insurance or sick leave. Programming in Poland allows us to deliver high quality of services at still competitive prices. We provide extensive knowledge and a wide range of qualified employees to your service.


You can profit from outsourcing by focusing on the essential work of your business and therefore reduce costs. External employees can provide fresh ideas and a different view of new solutions. By outsourcing, it is easy to gain access to expert knowledge.

Outsourcing gives you high flexibility, as you can adapt your number of employees to the actual amount of work. Also, absence caused by illness or vacations will be covered by us.

Our offer of placement models


Model of placement


Realization on project basis – send us your specifications and we will give you a fixed price offer. We work in an agile mode, therefore we slice the project in small deliveries, on which we work in sprints. For each sprint we can give you precise estimation.

Time & Material


If the effort is difficult to estimate, we provide available and highly-qualified developers for you.

The amount billed will be calculated based to the actual expenses.

Body Leasing



You are planning a project of at least 3 months scope. In this case, you will pay us a monthly contribution per developer. You don´t have to pay holidays or sickness-related absences.

Work on site

We are able to send our employees for a few days on site, especially in the first phase of the project or for cyclic updates.

In special cases, the developer can work permanently on-site.

How much time do we need in advance?


Currently, the set up for our teams consists of 30 developers, testers, product owners and project managers. By this, we are able to start with the new project within one to a few weeks already.

Who is responsible for the execution of your project?



Our product owners or project manager are based in our Munich headquarter and coordinate your project in German and / or English.

Of course, you can also choose to directly communicate with our employees in English, if you prefer.

No matter which option you select, we guarantee smooth cooperation and communication.